JSS Tiny History Desk

The Tiny History Desk is a collection of oral history interviews gathered by the Jefferson Street Sound Museum during December 2019 and January 2020. This initiative was funded by a Metro Arts Grant to support the collection and preservation of stories about the history of Jefferson Street.

The eight interviewees are shown below. Click on a photo to view selected clips from their oral history interview.

Photograph of Levert Allison
Levert Allison
Photograph of Thomas Cain
Thomas Cain
Photograph of Enrico Campbell
Enrico Campbell
Photograph of Ed Kindall
Ed Kindall
Photograph of CC Johnson
CC Johnson
Photograph of TC Serengeti
TC Serengeti
Photograph of Lucius 'Spoonman' Talley
Lucius ‘Spoonman’ Talley
Photograph of Lorenzo Washington
Lorenzo Washington

For more information, or to view the entire interview, contact the Jefferson Street Sound Museum at www.jeffersonstreetsound.com

You can also follow the museum on their Facebook page.