The Space, Learning & Mobility Laboratory
at Vanderbilt University

The SLaMLab engages faculty and graduate students in design studies of how physical and virtual spaces can better support learning.  Members collaborate on research projects, design experimental teaching, and write about relations between space, mobility, and learning. New partners in these activities are quite welcome. SLaMLab LINK

An example of our work: “Back in the Day” on Nashville’s Historic Jefferson Street with Lorenzo Washington and Jesse Boyce of Jefferson Street Sound (Look under “Storylines / Jesse & Lorenzo”) menu item above.

interactive map graphic

PI’s:  Professors Rogers Hall and Andy Hostetler at Vanderbilt’s Peabody School of Education, Professor David A. Owens at Vanderbilt’s Graduate School of Management, and post-doctoral researcher Ben Rydal Shapiro at Georgia Tech University and the SLaM team.